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3 key Remote Plus joystick controller made by PG Drives Technology. D4065077 Pride Mobility Part Numbers:- CTLDC1112 Single Profile (PG Drive Serial Number D49671 (MRSP) 649.99 This Remote Plus joystick controller

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This Remote Plus joystick controller is equipped with a keypad that supplies functions 

such as the horn key, mode key, on/off switch, 

speed setting indicator, and power accessory indicator.

Pride Mobility Part Numbers:

Single Profile (PG Drive Serial Number J4065077 - CTLDC1112

Single Profile (CTLDC1112):

Compatible :

Jazzy 600

Jazzy 610

Jazzy 1100

Jazzy 1101

Jazzy 1113

Jazzy 1113 ATS

Jazzy 1120

Jazzy 1121

Jazzy 1121 HD

Jazzy 1122

Jazzy 1170 XL

Jazzy 1170 XL Plus

Quantum Blast 850

Quickie S-222

Quickie S-222se

Quickie S-222

Quickie S-626

Quickie S-646

Quickie S-646se

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