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24 Volt 5 Amp.CMT Battery Charger for Jazzy Pride Invacare Merit Shoprider

$229.99 $149.99

24 Volt 5.0 Amp Portable XLR Battery Charger (CTE)

Retail Cost : 229.99

Each CTE Charger comes with 90 day Guarantee.

Keep your scooter charged wherever you go with this portable XLR battery charger. 24 volt 5.0 am, built in electronic overload and thermal protection, and LED lights

Compatible with most mobility chairs and power scooters with XLR connectors.

 Connector: 3-pin XLR

Voltage: 24 volt
Dimensions: 7.2in x 8.3in x 2.7in
Weight: 4.3 lb.

Compatible Models :

ActiveCare Catalina
ActiveCare Intrepid
ActiveCare Medalist
ActiveCare Osprey 4410
ActiveCare Pilot 2310
ActiveCare Pilot 2410
ActiveCare Prowler 3310
ActiveCare Prowler 3410
ActiveCare Renegade
ActiveCare Wildcat
ActiveCare Wildcat 450
Amigo Fiesta IV (770000)
Amigo Fiesta IV-12 (780000)
Amigo Fiesta SE (790000)
Amigo Grand Tour Transport (390000)
Balder F290
Balder Finesse
Balder Junior
Balder Liberty
Bruno Catalina 46
Bruno Cub 30
Bruno Cub 35
Bruno Cub Pediatric
Bruno Firefighter 46
Bruno Humvee 46
Bruno Police 46
Bruno PWC-2300
Bruno SuperCub 34
Bruno SuperCub 44
Bruno SuperCub 46
Bruno Thunder 37
Bruno Typhoon C3
C.T.M. Homecare HS-2850
C.T.M. Homecare HS-5600
C.T.M. Homecare HS-570
C.T.M. Homecare HS-580
C.T.M. Homecare HS-6200
C.T.M. Homecare HS-686
C.T.M. Homecare HS-730
C.T.M. Homecare HS-740
C.T.M. Homecare HS-890
Drive Cirrus Plus EC Folding Power Chair (CPN)
Drive Daytona 3 (S35005/S35006)
Drive Daytona 3 GT (S35005GT/S35006GT)
Drive Daytona 4 (S45001/S45002)
Drive Daytona 4 GT (S45001GT/S45002GT)
Drive Gladiator (G694)
Drive Gladiator GT (GT807/GT808)
Drive Odyssey (S45200/S45300)
Drive Stingray
Freerider FR168-3X
Freerider FR168-3XC
Freerider FR168-4SP
Freerider FR510DXC
Freerider FR510DXP
Freerider FR510DXs2b
Freerider FR510DXX
Golden Technologies Alante (GP201SS/GP201CC)
Golden Technologies Alante HD
Golden Technologies Alero (GP50)
Golden Technologies Avenger (GA531/GA541)
Golden Technologies Compass (GP600)
Golden Technologies Compass TRO (GP615SS/GP615CC)
Heartway Allure (HP6)
Heartway Allure R (HP6R)
Heartway Allure RT (HP6RT)
Heartway Allure S (HP6S)
Heartway Aviator (S8)
Heartway Bolero (PF2)
Heartway Bolero S (PF2S)
Heartway Escape (HP1)
Heartway Escape DX (HP5)
Heartway Escape H (P12H)
Heartway Escape HD (HP1HD)
Heartway Escape LX (HP8)
Heartway Escape S (P12S)
Heartway Escape SX (P12SX)
Heartway Fantasy C (P17C)
Heartway Fantasy R (P17R)
Heartway Fantasy RT (P17RT)
Heartway Frontier (PF1)
Heartway Frontier S (PF1S)
Heartway Maxx (P3D)
Heartway Maxx R (P3DR)
Heartway Maxx RT (P3DRT)
Heartway Mini (P14)
Heartway Mirage (PF6)
Heartway Mirage C (PF6C)
Heartway Mirage K (PF6K)
Heartway Mystere (PF5)
Heartway Nomad 3 (PT3)
Heartway Nomad 4 (PF3)
Heartway Nomad 4C (PF3C)
Heartway Picnic (S33)
Heartway Puzzle (P15)
Heartway Rumba (HP3)
Heartway Rumba HD (HP3HD)
Heartway Rumba S (HP4)
Heartway Rumba SF (P4F)
Heartway Rumba SR (P4R)
Heartway Sahara R (HP7R)
Heartway Sahara RT (HP7RT)
Heartway Sahara RTLE (HP7RTLE)
Heartway Sahara S (HP7S)
Heartway Smart C (HP9C)
Heartway Smart PT (HP9PT)
Heartway Smart RT (HP9RT)
 Heartway Tango (TC1)
Heartway Tempo (HPS)
Heartway Tiara (P4AS)
Heartway Tiara R (P4ASR)
Heartway Titan C (P11C)
Heartway Titan R (P11R)
Heartway Titan RT (P11RT)
Heartway Venus (S9)
Heartway Vision (P13)
Heartway Vision C (P13C)
Heartway Vision R (P13R)
Heartway Vision RT (P13RT)
Heartway Vita (S12)
Heartway Vita 3 (S12T)
Heartway Vital (P16)
Heartway Vital R (P16R)
Heartway Vital RTL (P16RTL)
Heartway Zeus (P23C)
Hoveround® Forerunner®
Hoveround® MPV4®
Hoveround® MPV5®
Invacare Leo
Invacare Lynx L-3X
Jazzy 1107
Jazzy 1121
Jazzy 1121 HD
Jazzy 614
Jazzy 614HD
Jazzy Select
Jazzy Select 6
Jazzy Select 6 Ultra
Jazzy Select HD
Merits Cypress (P31311)
Merits Cypress 4 (P314)
Merits Cypress 5 (P315)
Merits Gemini (P301)
Merits Gemini Plus (P302)
Merits Pioneer 3 (S131/S1312/S1313)
Merits Pioneer 4 (S141/S1412/S1413)
Merits Pioneer PT (S149)
Merits Pioneer PT3 (S139)
Merits Regal (P310)
Merits Travel-Ease Commuter (P101)
Merits Travel-Ease Commuter (P102)
Merits Travel-Ease Commuter (P107)
Merits Travel-Ease Commuter (P171)
Merits Travel-Ease Commuter (P200)
Merits Travel-Ease Commuter Bariatric (P183)
Merits Travel-Ease Commuter Bariatric (P184)
Merits Travel-Ease Commuter Heavy Duty (P181)
Merits Travel-Ease Commuter Very Heavy Duty (P182)
Merits Travel-Ease Regal (P318/P3181)
Merits Travel-Ease Regal (P328/P3281)
Merits Vision Super (P327/P327-2)
PaceSaver Plus III
Pride Hurricane (PMV500)
Pride Hurricane (PMV5001)
Pride Pursuit (SC713)
Pride Revo (SC60/SC63/SC64)
Quantum Q600
Quantum Q600 Pediatric
Quantum Q6000Z
Quantum Q6000Z Pediatric
Quantum Q600XL
Quantum Q610
Quantum Q610 Pediatric
Quantum Q614
Ranger Safari
Ranger Safari Ltd.
Ranger Solo
Ranger Solo Heavy Duty
Ranger Solo IV Wheel
Ranger Solo Ltd.
Ranger Solo Ltd. Heavy Duty
Ranger Solo Ltd. IV Wheel Heavy Duty
Ranger Solo XT-550
Ranger Spirit
Rascal 301 PC
Rascal 314
Rascal 318 PC
Rascal 320 PC
Rascal 326
Rascal 326A
Rascal 327
Rascal 330 Tilt
Rascal 355 Fold & Go
Rascal 710 PC
Shoprider Sovereign (ES4)
Shoprider Sprinter 2 Seater (889-4DXD)
Shoprider Sprinter 4x4
Shoprider Streamer (888WB)
Shoprider Streamer (888WNLB)
Shoprider Streamer (888WSB)
Tuffcare Challenger 1000 Pediatric
Tuffcare Challenger 1200 Pediatric
Tuffcare Challenger 1450
Tuffcare Challenger 1500
Tuffcare Challenger 1700
Tuffcare Challenger 2000
Tuffcare Challenger 2040 Recliner
Tuffcare Challenger BP 5000
Tuffcare Challenger BX 6000
Tuffcare Challenger DX1520
Tuffcare Challenger Escort 3200
Tuffcare Challenger Escort 4300
Tuffcare Challenger PP 5500
Tuffcare Challenger PX 6500 

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