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Dynamic Shark Joystick 4 Keys (DK-REMD01) - (CTLDC1529)

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Dynamic Shark Joystick 4 Keys (DK-REMD01) - (CTLDC1529) 

Dynamic Shark joystick remote used with a variety of Golden Technologies, Jazzy, Merits, Pride, PaceSaver, and other brands of power chairs. Please select the appropriate Dynamic Shark joystick model from below. 

Compatible Models :

4 Keys (CTLDC1529):

ActiveCare Medalist 450

Drive Titan

Golden Technologies Alante (GP201SS/GP201CC)

Golden Technologies Compass (GP600)

Golden Technologies Compass HD (GP620SS/GP620CC)

Golden Technologies Compass Sport (GP605SS/GP605CC)

Golden Technologies Compass TRO

Jazzy 600 ES

Jazzy 614

Jazzy 614HD

Jazzy Elite 14

Jazzy Elite HD

Jazzy Select 14

Jazzy Select 14 XL

Jazzy Select HD

Merits Junior (P320/P3201/P32011/P32012)

Merits Vision Sport (P326A)

Merits Vision Super (P327/P327-2)

PaceSaver Scout

PaceSaver Scout Boss 4.5

PaceSaver Scout Boss 5

PaceSaver Scout Boss 6

PaceSaver Scout Boss 6.75

PaceSaver Scout Boss 6NS

PaceSaver Scout M1

PaceSaver Scout M1-350

Pride TSS 450

Shoprider Streamer Sport (888WAB)