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Hoveround Deluxe MPV5 Power Wheelchair

$3,400.00 $1,600.00

Hoveround Deluxe MPV5 Power Wheelchair


 The MPV5 This is one of the most maneuverable power wheelchairs available today.
Its unique, Round for a Reason a design enables easy navigation around tight corners and narrow
spaces in your home.


 Seat Size: 20" x 20"
 Overall Length: 38"
 Overall Width: 24"
 Turning Radius: 22.7"
 Ground Clearance: 2.
 Speed: 4MPH
 Range: 12 miles
 Weight Capacity: 300 lb.
 Product Weight: 200 lb. with batteries (150.00)

This Wheelchair Ships free FedEx Ground