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Quickie Zippie Iris Tilt Wheelchair (Kids)

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Quickie Zippie Iris Tilt Wheelchair (Kids)
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 Product Features
 Special aluminum alloys make the Quickie IRIS one of the lightest manual rotation-in-space chairs in today's market.
The Quickie IRIS features a special angle-adjustable stroller handle that quickly adjusts to a variety of caregiver heights.
A patent-pending backpost bracket allows repositioning of the backpost seat-depth without removing the attaching hardware.
Specialty options, such as a reclining backrest, vent-and-battery tray, and one-arm drive are all available as "on-chair" options.
A tilt-angle indicator and a set of tilt-stops ship with every chair to provide a precise tilt range and tilt angle-setting.
Posey,Lateral side stabelizer's the works.

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